Amazon Executive: Roy Price’s Fiance cancels the Wedding Due To Sexual Harassment Allegation

‘Winners are those who do not stop fighting, so stay calm and do not let problems defeat you. This’s all we can say to the Amazon Executive Roy Price as his fiance Lila Feinberg canceled the wedding.

They were almost getting married but, Lila Feingber cut her relationship off and avoided Roy being her husband. Page six’s Emily Smith reported that wedding news on the 14th of October but Lila called off her upcoming marriage.

Roy Price got unlimited suspended a week before. The two were booked to bunch on November 12 at The Carlyle On Madison Avenue. Lila, an award-winning writer, is also known as T.v writer even had started working with Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, a wife of Roy’s close friend Harvey Weinstein.

Roy Price
Roy Price, Harvie, and Lila

They had announced their engagement on the occasion of Roy’s 50th birthday at the end of July. The cancellation of marriage came in true after Roy got suspended in the accusation of sexual harassment offering Isa Dick Hackett, daughter of the late Philip K Dick to have a sexual relationship.

Roy is supposed to have approached Isa, a producer on Amazon’s hit show “The Man in the High Castle,” during a promotional tour at Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego and sexually harassed her telling her:

“You will love my dick.”

Isa had opened her mouth about her sexual harassment of Roy in an interview.

Roy had been the head of Amazon entertainment studio since 2014. The accusation of Roy Price will affect the company also. It will damage Roy’s personality and company’s too. Now the company has taken an action and has hired a veteran executive Albert Cheng to run Amazon Studios on an interim basis!

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