American television personality Zuri Hall says Her Boyfriend Partner and Homie! Just left to be labelled as Husband.

Zuri is an extremely talented on-air correspondent for E! News. She is an Emmy Award-winning American TV host often praised for her being ‘Beauty with Brains’.

Except for this, she is a famous Youtuber, she runs a Youtube Channel called ‘Hey Zuri Hall,’ where she interacts with her fans and shares details about her personal life.

Both her professional and personal life are amazing. Everyone would be envious of her life. She is in a pleasant long-term relationship with her lover and everyone is eager to know when they will get married.

The soul couple Zuri Hall and her boyfriend Mettin Copier met each other around July 2012, Ohio, Zuri for the first time. Mettin Copier is a Dutch-born Austrian model.

Zuri and Mettin
Zuri and Mettin

The lovebirds also have their separate Youtube Channel called ‘Zuri and Mettin’, where they post their romantic moments together and their vlogs besides Zuri’s youtube channel. ‘Zuri and Mettin’ Youtube Channel was created in May 2013.

The adorable couple also shares their amazing relationship together and they showcase their chemistry to their fans and followers openly through social media.

Their relationship has been raised above the bars created by races. Zuri is African-American and her boyfriend, Mettin is Dutch-Austrian. The lovely couple gains the attention of many for being in an interracial relationship. Although they both have a big difference in their cultural background, they seem to have a very jovial and healthy relationship.

They have been in a relationship for four long years, but it was not always that smooth for the couple. The lovebirds were in a long-distance relationship for 2 and a half years. However, their relationship has survived this long and their love has been stronger than before throughout the years.

Mettin seems to be more than a boyfriend for Zuri as on January 2, 2017, she shared a romantic image with her boyfriend, Mettin captioning as homies, lovers, and friends.


homies. lovers. friends. 🗝

मा Zuri Hall • E! News (@zurihall) ले साझा गरेको पोस्ट

Every ‘Zuri and Mettin’s fans are eagerly waiting and wondering when the soul couple will get married. However, in one of their YouTube Q/A videos, the couple addressed not wanting to get married right now for the time being.

As the couple has addressed about not being willing to get married anytime soon, we will have to wait till the right time arriver for the couple to declare their marriage.

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