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Biography of Anne Thongprasom

Anne Thongprasom was born on  November 1, 1976, in Bangkok, Thailand is a Thai of Swedish descent actress, hostess, and producer who was the lead actress in many Thai series in the 2000s and had the lead role in the 2004 romantic melodrama The Letter: Jod Mai Rak.

Early Life

Anne is the daughter of a Thai mother and a Swedish father. She started her career when she was 13 years old, starring in a music video. She did a Bachelor of Communication of Arts from Bangkok University and a Master in Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication from Thammasat University.

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Anne got the opportunity from Channel 3 to produce her first TV show, English On Tour, which focused on teaching kids a variety of English words every day for 1 minute. Even though the show only aired for 1 minute, its ratings were a success. Seeing its success, Anne presented more production ideas to Channel 3 for new shows until they’ve approved her for another kids show “Sanam Dek Len or Playground. In 2006, the lakorn Oum Ruk aired, in which the pra’ek was Ken Theeradeth, a co-star she had acted within Rang Gnaow.


There are many accomplishments of Thongprasom that guarantee her to be an experienced actress, one of these includes the awards she has won. Her first award was the TV Gold Award for Best Leading Actress from Song Naree and another one for Jaosao Prisanna. Then she won her first Top Award in 2001 for her role in Samee Tetra as well as Star Entertainment Award from Raeng Gnao. She has won many awards for her roles in lakorns, but she was also given about 6 awards for her performance from the movie The Letter in 2004

Net Worth

Anne’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.) in 2020. Similarly, her net worth was $100,000 – $1 Million in 2019. However, her annual salary is under review. The Astounding net worth is the compilation of her income and earnings from her profession as a TV actress.

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  • Birth name:  Anne Thongprasom
  • Birthdate: November 1, 1976
  • Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Nationality: Thai
  • Occupation:  Actress, host
  • Education: Bachelor of Communication of Arts from Bangkok University
  • Years Active: 1991-present
  • Agent: Channel 3
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