Who Is Austen Kroll Dating? Prabably His Ex-Girlfriend From Southern Charm?

Austen Kroll, who attracted the spotlight after being brought to the Bravo TV’s hit reality series, Southern Charm, is making everyone including his fans and media curious about his relationship status.

As he is climbing various steps of success in his careers day by day and at the same time, earning huge fanbase and well-wishers, his fans and media indeed want to know more about him. It is not only his love-life that is worth looking for but also his family life that sees the loss of one of his family members at a very young age.

Today, let us take a tour of his life and reveal everything about this guy!

Is Austen Kroll Single Or Dating Someone?

Austen, 30, achieved huge popularity as the Season 4 addition to the cast of BravoTV show “Southern Charm.” He is a Tv actor who is also known for his dazzling looks in an equal fashion, but have his charming looks attracted any lady love in his life?

We all are totally aware of his chemistry with Chelsea Meissner in the reality series ‘Southern Charm’ where he established a formidable pair.

The way they showcased their relationship on their social media accounts was cute as well,

The way they demonstrated their connection on social media was adorable too,

Happy 30th to this dimpled dime piece, @krollthewarriorking Love you and your big heart 💋#IndecisiveGeminis

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However, their love is over for now, as confirmed by Austen while he was talking to The Daily Dish. Austen disclosed that the romance is long gone, but the two are still good friends,

 “I talk to her all the time, great friends and the one thing that she said was, you know, we’re at different aspects of our life. She kind of lives her life more like Cam does [like a homebody] and I like to go out. I like to go get a beer at 3 o’clock in the afternoon if I can, It’s a part of my job. It’s not really her MO.”

Remembering the past, Austen recalled how the bond between him and Chelsea being featured in the cameras was crazy.

 “Chelsea and I are phenomenal friends. I love that girl to death, I really do. We became so so close during this whole thing. We were both the new guys on the block. And, so we definitely bonded over that. And the number one and two questions that I get are, “’Where’s Chelsea?’ and, “Is it real?’. And I’m like, look — I don’t know how to act. I’m as real as possibly can be. And that time when I met Chelsea and they showed it on camera and we’re play flirting — I mean that was like the first time that her and I had ever met. I literally cultivated a relationship in front of all the fans, I mean it’s tough cause you start thinking and you’re like I’m so cheesy and then like your first kiss is on camera. And I mean, it’s nerve-wracking.”

The news of their split indeed broke hearts of many fans. However, his love relationship with Chelsea does aid to deny the gay rumors that he was often surrounded with.

Chelsea used to be Rose’s crush on the show. And the union between Kroll and Chelsea somewhat affected the bromance between Kroll and his co-actor, Shep Rose. Were you aware of this? Kroll further said,

elsea’s intention whatsoever. It kind of broke her a little bit that she felt like she got in between Shep and [my] friendship,”

Austen added,

“And, I mean, I know Shep, and I know how he operates. He was like, ‘Hey, look, that’s fine. Go and do your thing.’ And I thought that that was that.”

We need help.

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Kroll further explained,

“For him to come back and for us to get to the point where we had our down, I thought that was, I had never really seen that side of him before. It was all very real for me. It was all very, very real for me. And it hurt me a lot to know that we weren’t friends because of a girl. You know, but I didn’t think that she did anything wrong — and I didn’t think I did anything wrong. And Shep might not think he did anything wrong. But, it was interesting.”

He then concluded,

 “But we’re great. The bromance is back and it’s not going anywhere — I don’t think.”

Moreover, amidst Chelsea and Austen’s break up, Shep is all ready to get married!