Breaking Bad All Casts, Know All the Casts

Breaking Bad is one of the most outstanding shows of all. The journey of a chemist to be a big drug dealer. Produced and written by Vince Gilligan, there is no way this show could have achieved this big crowd as its fans without the best from the best casts. The casts have done in an absolutely brilliant way. On the occasion of 14 releasing anniversary of Breaking Bad, we have included most of the important characters of the show along with their real name.

Main Characters

NameCharacter PortrayedBrief About Character
Bryan CranstonWalter White aka HeisenbergThe main amongst the main character works as a chemistry professor, gets in the meth business for family’s insurance after his death but becomes a meth head
Anna GunnSkyler WhiteWalter White’s wife
Aaron PaulJesse PinkmanMeth brewing partner and ex-student of Walter White
Dean NorrisHank Schrader aka Asac SchraderDEA Agent and Walter’s Brother-in-law
Betsy BrandtMarie SchraderSkylar’s sister and Hank’s wife
RJ MitteWalter Jr. aka FlynnWalter’s son
Giancarlo EspositoGustavo FringHigh-level meth distributor and owner of Los Pollos Hermanos
Bob OdenkirkSaul GoodmanA lawyer and legal helper of Walter White
Jonathan BanksMike ErmantrautGustavo’s hitman and also Saul’s investigator
Laura FraserLydia Rodarte-QuayleAn employee of Madrigal Electromotive and ally of Gustavo
Jesse PlemonsTodd AlquistAn employee of Vamonos Pest Control who later works for Walter White

Recurring Characters

NameCharacter Portrayed
Steven Michael QuezadaSteven Gomez
Matt JonesBadger
Charles BakerSkinny Pete
Rodney RushCombo
Jessica HechtAdam Godley
Raymond CruzTuco Salamanca
Mark MargolisHector Salamanca
Christopher CousinsTed Beneke
Krysten RitterJane Margolis
John de LancieDonald Margolis
David CostabileGale Boetticher
Daniel MoncadaLeonel Salamanca
Luis MoncadaMarco Salamanca
Emily RiosAndrea Cantillo
Jeremiah BitsuiVictor
Ray CampbellTyrus Kitt
Lavell CrawfordHuell Babineaux
Tina ParkerFrancesca Liddy
Bill BurrPatrick Kuby
Michael BowenJack Welker
Kevin RankinKenny

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