Bruce Springsteen Surprises Audience At Billy Joel Concert

Bruce Springsteen propped himself on top of Billy Joel’s piano to sing a duet with The Piano Man, who was celebrating his 100th concert at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.
Joel told the energetic crowd he had a guest coming onstage who has won a Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Springsteen emerged, surprising the feverish and fanatic audience, who loudly cheered “BRUCE.”
Congratulations Billy on your 100th show,” Springsteen yelled.
Bruce plays ‘Amazing Grace’ on the piano “Ready, Billy?” he asked, as Joel began to play while sitting at the piano.
Bruce Springsteen surprises audience at historic Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden
Springsteen encouraged the crowd to cheer louder and then sang “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.” He jumped onto Joel’s piano — making it on his second try — and sat on it while Joel played and the piano slowly spun. Springsteen then rocked his guitar for “Born to Run.”
Joel, 69, and Springsteen, 68, hugged after their two-song performance, and The Boss kissed Joel on his head as he walked offstage.