American-Cuban Singer and Songwriter Camila Cabello Fulfills Childhood Dream

Camila Cabello fulfilled a childhood dream by performing to a crowd of thousands in Central Park.

The ‘Never Be The Same’ hitmaker was thrilled to sing for the audience who had gathered in the New York park as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series.

She told concertgoers: “I have like, an obsession with New York City. My favourite song from my album right now is ‘Consequences’, and I had this dream of performing it here in Central Park, so thank you so much for making that happen!”

Meanwhile, Camila previously admitted she gets “emotional” when she gets too much attention as she is “shy and introverted”.

Camila Cabello breathes new life into “Never Be The Same” on Good Morning America.

Furthermore, she said: “Actually I’m extremely shy. I’ve always been introverted. There is a picture from my ninth birthday where people are singing Happy Birthday and there are tears in my eyes because I get emotional from too much attention. It happened again this morning. I was being filmed for an interview and there were hair and make-up people in the room, and I froze. You have to stop, block everything out and focus on the job.

Camila added, “When you love something enough you get over your fears, and with performing … I can’t explain it. I get lost in the music and all of a sudden I’m not me any more, I’m a vehicle for whatever the emotion is that I’m singing about. I feel exposed, but not exposed, if that makes sense. If I’m singing, I’m fine. If I win an award my first thought is, ‘Oh my God, now I have to go up there and talk.”

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