Danielle Deadwyler Looks much younger than her age. What might be the secret behind it?

Danielle Deadwyler looks so young but she has already been enjoying her marital life with her husband for some time now. Danielle Deadwyler, an actress known for her role in Sweet, Sweet Country is 35 years old but her looks deceive her age. She looks much younger than her age. The actress is also happily married. But the actress is very protective towards any of her personal life information as most of the other celebrities in the industry.

Though she does not open up about who she is married to, her social media accounts open up it all. Danielle is married to Reggie Haslam.

While questions arise non-stop regarding more information on Danielle, she keeps it all in low-key. She had not disclosed anything about when she met her husband, when she started dating him or when they get married.

Moreover, her husband and her marital life are quite the mystery as well. Her husband has not shared any information about himself or their bond, and there is no information apart about him apart from the fact that he is Danielle’s husband and has a son with her.

The couple who kept their marriage secret to the media have a son named Ezra Her son was born in December 2009 and now is very close to hitting seven years of age.


Happy 6th Birthday Ezra!! Spending this amazing day at the happiest place on earth.. Photo cred: @_amirrthegod 📷 #SurpriseTrip #Disneyland #LA #Love

मा Reggie Haslam (@rhaslam81) ले साझा गरेको पोस्ट

Though they don’t talk much about their family life in media, they flaunt their bond and personal life using social media.

The family previously shared their moments during their vacation through Instagram, which expressed that the time they spent was quite a merry one.

They took a trip to Grace Bay Beach for a bonfire, BBQ, and spend quality family time together recently.


Bonfire and BBQ.. nice way to end the day. Ezra didn’t feel the need to smile.. but it’s cool 😂 #turks

मा Reggie Haslam (@rhaslam81) ले साझा गरेको पोस्ट

Danielle’s husband shared a cute post on his Instagram account, where he said that Danielle has received her Masters of Fine Art(MFA), making it her second Masters Degree while he also acknowledged his sister’s achievement on becoming a lead stylist for Elle magazine, South Africa.

Stay with us for more info about Danielle.

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