David Foster And His Wife Yolanda Has Got Divorce. What Is The Reason Behind Their Ruined Relationship?

The four years long marital relationship of David Foster and his wife Yolanda is over now.

The legendary composer David and his real wife are now apart. The producer David is single once again. They have solved their dispute with an agreement on the property.

Every story may not have a happy ending like in the cinema. Life is full of up and down and now it is the turn of David Foster and his wife Yolanda. They have just ended their relationship as a wife and husband.

According to ET, the then-couple has finalized their divorce in court on October 16. The acquired court documents said,

“Spousal support, property, and attorney’s fees were agreed upon in a confidential stipulated judgment. “

Are They Upset To End Their Relationship Up?

The then lovebirds were living together for nine years. Speaking of People both said together, ” We’ve shared 9 beautiful and joyous years together. During that time we experienced love, friendship, and the inevitable challenges that come with managing a marriage, careers, blended families, and health issues. “

Their beautiful relationship has been cut off with divorce and both are supposed to move on with new partners.

David Foster and his then wife
David Foster and his then-wife Yolanda.

They seem no worried about their broken relationship. David seems engaged with a new girlfriend Katherine since this spring. David has already been 67 and Katherine is just 33. This couple was on Sunday night in Brentwood.

David Foster1
David Foster with his current girlfriend Katherina

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