Disha Vakani’s Cancer is nothing but a nonsense rumor, says Disha’s brother

Recently, on social media people started uploading photos and videos of Disha Vakani with sympathetic messages attached to them such as “Get Well Soon”, or “Cancer is just a disease, Get Well Soon”. We decided to dig deep into those messages which are now called rumors.

And what is interesting is people started making reasons for her cancer as well. Some were childish that they called it a result of a change in voice during acting, which she does in Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma (TMKOC).

How right is this rumor?

Technically talking, there is no such thing. Cancer is cells that are excessively produced in some places which later creates hindrances in daily life. And no throat cancer has ever been induced by making different voices. Had been this a medical fact, no beatboxers and professional voice actors would be out of “throat cancer”.

Is Disha Vakani Safe?

Though the reasoning part was wrong, she might have gotten cancer in her throat. Is it so? If so is she safe?

As per Disha’s brother, she is a healthy woman and there are no symptoms of throat cancer in her. It is just some rumors that went wild.

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