Is Elizabeth Gillies in relationship with someone?

An actor/actress is mainly known by the role of their characters in the film, which usually leads the public to get confused. The common people assume that the actor or actress’s real-life to be alike as they see it in the movie especially in the case of actor/actress’s on-screen romance. People consider that the actor/actress’s love life, in reality, is the same like they see it in their movies. Actress Elizabeth Gillies has gained a huge fan following. Her fans and followers are always curious to know about her private as well as her professional life. As is working in the entertainment industry as an actress, her name has been linked with some guys romantically that had made her fans to be curious about her real-life love partner as well.

Now, let’s have a deeper look at her personal life to clear up the curiosity!

Have a View Of Elizabeth Gillies’s Private life!

Elizabeth Gillies doesn’t really open up about her romantic life. However, she has been giving us some clues about dating someone now and then.

While analyzing all the hints, they eventually point to American musician and singer/songwriter Michael Corcoran, also known as Backstage Mike. Elizabeth and Michael have collaboratively sung in the song ‘Okay’ back in 2013. It is assumed that Elizabeth and Michael are very closed to each other.

Actress Elizabeth Gillies, also known as ‘Liz,’ provided us with a new hint suggesting that she is in a relationship with Michael on October 24, 2016. She mentioned Michael as her boyfriend on her Twitter post.

Again, Liz posted a pleasant picture of her with Michael while wishing him a happy birthday on December 10, 2016.

“Happy bday to my main squeeze 🙂 “


Happy bday to my main squeeze 🙂

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Despite the fact that both Michael and Liz share a very close and romantic relationship, the confirmation of their dating affairs has not been made either from Elizabeth or Michael, and still, the mystery of their relationship continues.

This is not the first time that her fans are too keen to know about her relationship status.

Previously, Elizabeth’s fans assumed that she was dating her ‘Victorious’ co-star, Matt Bennett. Liz and Matt are very close to each other and both the celebrity has shared a lot of images on their social media account, that makes their bond look evident.

Liz even posted a photo faking her pregnancy with Matt Bennett as a joke on September 16, 2012, captioned as,

“Mommy & Daddy”


Mommy & Daddy

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Those images of her with Matt made her fans and the media speculate that Liz and Matt were in a dating affair. The speculations indeed lasted for quite a long time.

On July 13, 2016, Elizabeth shared a photo of Matt, and many fans who have commented asking if they are dating each other or not.


Baby’s first milkshake. @matthbennett

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Neither they deny being in a relationship nor do they accept being in a relationship with each other and again they kept it a secret.

The speculations made by her fans don’t stop there, as they admired the on-screen romance between Liz and her other ‘Victorious’ co-star, Avan Jogia. The fans loved their on-screen romance so much that they wished for them to be a couple in real life.

But the fact is that their relationship is just limited to being best friends. Moreover, Avan was recently romantically linked with American actress Victoria Justice.

Previously in 2011, Liz was involved in a love affair with American actor, Logan Miller for just five months.

Expect from her mysterious romantic life, Liz has achieved her status in Hollywood as a successful actress. She started gaining recognition on Broadway with her role as Lucy in 13.

Her career inclined to new heights after starring on Victorious as ‘Jade West.’ In 2014, she appeared in a horror film ‘Animal.’ As of now, Liz is busy starring as Fallon Carrington on The CW’s series ‘Dynasty.’

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