Ellen DeGeneres Scares Entire ‘Modern Family’ Cast Live On Her Show

Ellen DeGeneres is a pro at scaring the hell out of her guests with wild pranks. She pulled off her best one yet, terrifying the entire cast of ‘Modern Family’ with her best celeb trickery ever.

Over the years Ellen DeGeneres has pulled off some epic pranks, terrifying her celebrity guests with surprise moments. She managed to top herself when the entire cast of Modern Family appeared on her Sept. 25 show to celebrate their 10th and final season kicks off.

The Cast of 'Modern Family' Gets Scared on 'Ellen'
The Cast of ‘Modern Family’ Gets Scared on ‘Ellen’

Ellen, 60, made it seem like she wanted to get a classy group photo along with the cast, leading them to a photo shoot next to the stage with a white background and several white blocks for the cast to sit and lean on. Except she kept one slightly taller box clear in the shot, and the photographer did “one, two, three cheese!” and the cast simply thought Ellen took a lovely keepsake with them. WRONG!.

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