‘Parenthood’ Star Erika Christensen Welcomes Baby Girl

Parenthood actress, Erika Christensen enters into the parenthood for the second time!

Erika Christensen welcomed her second daughter, Polly with her cyclist husband, Cole Maness in a surprise home delivery on 11 August 2018. The delivery would not have been possible if her husband had not stepped in to deliver the baby.

The 35-year-old actress announces the arrival of their bundle of joy on Instagram on 11 August 2018. She also confesses that her husband Cole Maness was forced to deliver their newborn daughter after the star left it too long to call the doctor.

She posted the picture on Instagram just after the delivery of her newborn, who the couple named Polly. The intimate family picture was capture by Christensen’s mother, who arrived with the doctor minutes after the baby was born.


Also, the actress claimed that the surprise birth was her fault entirely as she did not know the baby was coming earlier than her due date and did not call the doctor on time.

After the home-birth, the former child-actress seems blissful whereas her overjoyed and relieved husband rests his head against Erika.

The happiest mother of two daughters has been documenting the last few months of her pregnancy on Instagram. Also, she shared a picture of her baby bump just a few days before Polly’s arrival. In a picture, she was lying on the couch, writing that she was waiting for the child’s arrival.

The couple is already parenting to a two-year-old daughter named Shane, who was born in June 2016.  In the same year, the new parents also got married in September 2016 on the rustic wedding ceremony.

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