Former CNN Correspondent Lisa Desjardins keeps her personal life details in Low Key!

We have come across a number of journalists who act completely different from what their job wants them to do. Journalists convey all sorts of information and news from around the world to their audiences, but when it comes to sharing some personal stuff about themselves, Journalists are mostly silent. The above statement suits the former CNN correspondent Lisa Desjardins, who has been hiding minimal stuff about her personal life like her age. Adding up to the similar lists are Journalist Troy Roberts and Elise Labott.

However, there are some speculations in the media that Lisa Desjardins is a married woman and also has a son with her husband.

Now, let’s take a look at Lisa Desjardins’s family and private life.

 A closure peek at Lisa Desjardins’ Secret Family Life:

There are many celebrities who are fully open about their personal life issues, whereas, there are also many celebrities who keep their personal life low-key. They deny to flaunt and talk about their personal stuff and gain attention.

It has been found that Lisa is already married. She has been married to her boyfriend, Jason Desjardins in October 2007. This fact has been discovered from her post on Twitter.

Lisa  Desjardins gives birth to her son, Max Desjardins in March, 2016. She has conveyed this amazing news of the arrival of Max through her tweet.

INTRODUCING: Max Desjardins, our brand new son. We are over the moon. He’s v happy, except this, re: 2016 elex.

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDNews) March 4, 2016


On the very day of the arrival of Lisa’s son, she posted another image of her with her husband holding their son, disclosing full name of their son on twitter. The name of the little one was named after their beloved grandfather, Maximo Maurice.

Despite the fact that Lisa doesn’t open up much about her family life in public, it is seen that she is living a blissful life with her adorable son and a caring husband, who completes their family.

Apart from her blissful married life, she has a prolific career too. The former CNN correspondent Lisa is recently working for PBS as a correspondent. Lisa, the graduate of Northwestern University, also worked at CNN, CNN Radio, WIS-TV, and Associated Press.

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