Married At First Sight’s Jamie Otis Revealed About Her Two Abortions

Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis

Jamie Otis is up for women rights now!

Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis revealed that she had to abort baby twice in her life and spoke up for uplifting women regarding abortions.

Similarly, Otis revealed to People that she got pregnant after her first sex with a man at 18 years old. She said, “in my family, you don’t have abortions under any circumstances.” However, she decided to abort because she couldn’t raise up a child at the time.

Jamie Otis also told The People that she got pregnant again while in nursing school. She further explained, “After Doug and I got married, I knew my abortions were something he needed to know about me before we started our own family.”

Otis also shared it via an Instagram where she wrote, “I’ve been keeping a shameful secret. The only place I had the guts to share about it was in my book, Wifey 101. And boy, did I get backlash.”

Furthermore, she wrote, “I had an abortion. Twice. Is it something I’m proud of? Heck no! No one *wants* an abortion. It has left the most painful hole in my heart. But do I think women should be stripped of their right to choose? Absolutely not.”

Her Instagram Post:

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