Justin Bieber Feels ‘Conflicted and Confused’ about Selena Gomez’s Mental Treatment

Selena Gomez#1
Justin Biber and Selena Gomej

After Justin Bieber’s ex- girlfriend Selena Gomez has continued her mental treatment, he is feeling “conflicted and confused” about her.

Gomez had started her mental health treatment in just a week ago. She had entered the health center reportedly to overcome her anxiety and depression. She, at the time said, she is “committed to focusing on her mental and physical health.” Similarly, a source reportedly said that Justin Bieber is feeling “conflicted and confused” about it. The source said, “They have both had emotional struggles and bonded over that in the past.”

Another source added, “Justin and Selena are not in touch but him hearing the news about Selena definitely upsets him. Justin also feels guilty. He wants to help everyone. He truly wants Selena to be happy, and it’s upsetting to know she’s battling health issues.”

Bieber and American Model, Hailey Baldwin might have married in New York. According to the source, after his marriage to the model and Gomez’s health issues, Bieber has apparently “been very emotional.”

As per the source, Selena is “already feeling better” and “getting the help she needs” on the East Coast at the treatment facility. Her check-in at the center happened after she reportedly had an “emotional breakdown” due to two hospitalizations related to her Lupus. The first time, she apparently had a low white blood cell count but returned not long after when she wasn’t feeling any better.

They added, “Depression is something she has always struggled with, but whenever it gets really bad for Selena, she removes herself from social media and withdraws from people who aren’t a handful of the people she trusts.”

She opened up about her mental health in 2016 where she sought some professional aids.

The former couple dated for about three years. The ups and downs relationship between them finally ended up in 2014. But, their romance rumors came up on 2017. They were spotted kissing at one of his hockey games. Few months later, they decided to stay apart from each other.