Justina Valentine Too Busy To Have A Dating Affair? Or Just Keeping It All Behind Her Music?

Music has been one of the ways to lay out one’s emotions; be it hatred, love, pain or happiness. Many singers are known to pour their heart out in the music one way or the other.

So, is Justina Valentine, the hot and beautiful looking rapper, musician, songwriter, and model, doing the same with her love life? Or, is it the opposite way round?

Justina’s love life is a matter of interest for many; therefore, let’s find out if she is hiding her love life behind her music or she is too busy to have an affair.


Fact About Justina Valentine’s Relationship Status:

Justina comes from a family of musician, as her father is a lead vocalist in a band and he has mastered the art of playing multiple instruments. No wonder, she is equally into music!

Justina’s career in the music industry first started when she released her first mixtape ‘Route 80’ and singles ‘Hip-hop Joan Jett,’ and ‘Bubble Gum’ back in 2012.

She has been making a name for herself in the industry, and considering the popularity she has garnered till now; it’s well understood that people are curious to know about the details of her personal life.

But, Justina Valentine might as well be dating somebody away from the spotlight; however, until she comes forth addressing the matter, we are bound to keep our curiosity intact.Justina 1

The incident shedding light in her relationship status is Justina’s Instagram post from a week back, which is now raising questions about her sexuality; as she was seen kissing the fitness model and Instagram star, Sommer Ray on the sets of MTV ‘Wild ‘n Out.’

Well, the show Wild ‘n Out features conventional improvisational comedy games, where celebrity guest stars are bound to lead teams of comics while facing a series of comedy challenges.

Now, if Justina’s act of kissing Sommer was a challenge or not, is yet to get unraveled; however, her followers did comment on the post referring her as bisexual.

By the looks of it, Justina now has some clarification to make!


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