Kick Gurry Not Ready To Get Married Or Out Of Luck? No Girlfriend Lasted To Be His Wife.

Blessed married life begets success like a magnet. Almost all people feel lucky to have such a beautiful life. But Kick Gurry, an Australian actor is still testing the love of girls. It seems that he is experimenting with his love life.

Despite the rumors of being engaged in romance and dating affairs with various girls, he is still unmarried. He has married none yet so, he is sometimes rumored as gay.

Let’s try to cut the illusion off about Kick Gurry and his affair.

Is kick Gurry Gay? He Was Mistaken

We can’t tag a man as gay-only because of hiding his or her personal information. If we do the same everyone around the world would have that of a gay and lesbian. Isn’t it?

Many people tagged Kick Gurry as gay but once he was mistaken to be on the gay side. Emile Hirsch and Kick Gurry were once caught while they were working together but that seemed the activities of gay for the eye holders.

While working on the movie ‘Speed Racer’ Kick Gurry and his co-star was mistaken and rumor spread everywhere as if as they were gay. Emily elaborated on the situation and cleared the rumor of being gay in an interview. He Said,

“Me and Kick were in the trailer hanging out. The kick was sitting back with his hands behind his head and I was doing push-ups. It was hot so I peeled my driver’s suit down a bit, and then Eric, the wonderfully gay production assistant, walked in. I jumped up really quick, but I was out of breath. Eric slammed the door shut. We went to Eric later and tried to explain. He was like, ‘Shhhhh. I will never tell.’”

Kick Gurry had a dating affair with a lady in the past. It also proves that he is not gay. If he was then he would not have been engaged with a lady. So, let’s talk more about Gurry and his life.

In the year 2007, Kick Gurry was in a relationship with an American actress Christiana Rikki. The couple get a public appearance after they came together at the shooting for the movie, ‘Speed Racer’. Before that people were quite unknown about their dating affairs.

Kick Gurry with then girlfriend Christina Ricci back in 2007
Kick Gurry with then-girlfriend Christina Ricci back in 2007
Christina and kick

But their romance did not last long. their love life with each other ended in the year 2008 and that appears in public became the last public appearance. After all, Christina started dating an actor and comedian Owen Benjamin, and Later got engaged in 2009.

Their relationship ended before reaching the point of marriage.

Kick later came into the rumors that he was dating Erica Packer, the ex-wife of Australian billionaire James Packer. However, those rumors did not last long. KIck himself cleared the illusion of people saying she is just her friend whom he knows for a decade.

He said,

“To be honest, I haven’t seen Erica in quite a long time. I have known Erica for a long time, Erica is a great friend.”

He added,

“She and I have known each other for probably 10 or 12 years now and I think she is a real force of nature. She is a really great mother and a great human being.”

However, in a recent interview in August 2017, he said that his character, Jacob Coote from “Looking for Alibrandi,” helped him set an image for himself and also attracted girls.

stay with me for getting more information about Kick Gurry and his current relationship.

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