Kim Kardashian: ‘Salma Hayek Was My Beauty Inspiration’

Kim Kardashian was inspired by Salma Hayek‘s style when she was growing up.The beauty mogul has had a widespread influence on the industry thanks to her overreaching social media presence and the success of her cosmetics company KKW Beauty.

However, Kim had very few people in the public eye she felt she could relate to growing up – until she discovered Mexican actress Salma.”I was like, ‘Whoa, OK, like we’re not the same nationality but I feel her and I get her,'” she recalled in an interview with L.A. Weekly.

“And I remember I was going to my prom and was like, ‘What glam look do I want for prom?’ So I looked up Salma Hayek’s looks.”The 37-year-old is optimistic that her fame has helped to diversify beauty standards, particularly with regards to her Armenian heritage and curvaceous figure.

kim kardashian and salma hayek

“I hope I’ve contributed maybe to a more ethnic look, so that other people that maybe look a little bit more like me can see that we’re out there,” she continued. “I mean, I never saw anyone with my body type in magazines, so seeing people like Jennifer Lopez and Salma really inspired me, and made me feel more comfortable and confident.

“Describing the Kardashian look as “curvy” and “playful”, Kim went on to share her joy at seeing her customers put their own spin on her cosmetic creations.”I’m obviously very flattered when I see people re-create our make-up looks, and we love that,” the mother-of-three smiled. “Mario (Dedivanovic, her make-up artist) and I are always posting and asking people to tag us, and saying, ‘We want to see your interpretation.’ To see people really nail it and really get it – I love that.”

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