Legendary Hollywood actor Mark Rylance and his wife will give you Couple Goals!

Oscar Awards Winning actor Mark Rylance does not need any formal introduction. It is his professional life and career that is highlighted to fans and the public. However, when it comes to his private life, the actor seems to be similar. Alike in his professional life, he is strong and committed in his personal life too.

Mark’s success and popularity is the product of his hardworking nature and amazing looks that have made him win those Oscar and Tony Awards. That is the reason why he is the dream man of every woman.

Mark has seen various ups and downs in his professional and personal life apart from those achievements. Curious?

Do not worry, your query will be clear out with knowing his journey till this date.

Let’s take a look at Mark Rylance’s Journey To A Blessed Married Life:

Mark Rylance, 60, got married to Claire Van Kampen in 1989. The lovebirds first met each other at the production of The Wandering Jew at the National Theatre previously in 1987. During that time, Claire Van was married to architect Chris Van. And she had two daughters, Juliet, and Natasha with Chris Van.

Mark Rylance and Claire
Mark Rylance and Claire

Claire was first impressed by Mark’s absolutely beautiful calves. Claire, in an interview, said,

“One day I was playing the piano and, out of the corner of my eye, I just saw these wonderful calves, dancing away. I thought, ‘Gosh! Those are really well-developed calves. That’s unusual. You normally see that on a sportsperson.’ And I looked up and it was him!”

Mark and Claire took some time to get along together, which eventually led to the divorce of Claire and Chris. As per the statement made by Mark, Chris agreed to divorce kindly. Chris is one of Mark’s best friends and a very amicable forgiving man. Finally, the couple got married in 1989, at the ancient stone circle in Oxford shire.

Mark and Claire took care of Claire’s two daughters. The couple at that point in time could not afford to send their daughters to childcare centers, so they decided to take them to work. Mark said in an interview,

“The older one [Juliet] enjoyed it, the younger one [Nataasha] didn’t because she felt The Globe took us away from family life at home. She was 13, she needed us. The theatre means working 14 hours a day for little pay and no holidays. The children had a rough time but I don’t think we regret it. When they were small I was doing Hamlet at the RSC with Mark. I think they saw Hamlet 40 times. They used to sleep in the dressing room.”

The couple with the ups and downs in their married life grew stronger together, and so did their daughters, who also indulged themselves in the family trait. Claire talked about the secret to her long and blissful marital life with Mark. She revealed that the unconditional love towards family and the fact that working with family was always fun where the secrets of her blessed married life.

“I would never find either Mark or Juliet boring. My marriage to Mark has lasted so long because we don’t find each other boring in the least.”

Mark Rylance and his family
Mark Rylance and his family

However, the couple experienced a bitter time in their sound married life, when their daughter passed away.

Mark Rylance made an announcement of the grief of sudden and unexpectedly losing his younger daughter Natasha in 2012. Natasha was only 28 years old at the time of her demise. After that, the actor did not wish to proclaim the reason for her death.


At that time, Mark was about to perform in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but he back-stepped with the ongoing tragedy he was dealing with in his family life.

“Our beloved daughter and sister Natasha passed away of unsuspected natural causes early on Sunday morning.” – Family announcement of the news of the passing away of Natasha van Kampen.

Mark expressed,

“Because of our bereavement, I have decided to withdraw from my commitment to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but Claire and I will continue our work with the productions Richard III and Twelfth Night at Shakespeare’s Globe and in the West End.”

Mark spoke about the jolt of sorrow that he experienced for years following the death of Natasha, who died of a sudden brain hemorrhage on a flight from New York to Heathrow in the latter days.

Mark said that even after the death of Natasha, he talked with her and he strongly believed Natasha’s soul exists somewhere in the universe.

“That ability to tell when your imagination is receiving something and your imagination is creating something – that’s a very subtle difference, I’m aware since Natasha’s died of conversations with her, which obviously I have a lot of times. I’m aware sometimes in those of when I’m making up the conversation and sometimes I’ll have a sense of, ‘Oh, why did you say that?’ ”

In the latter days, Mark was offered a role in the BBC drama “Wolf Hall” as Thomas Cromwell. At first, he denies portraying the role of Thomas because the drama had a scene where Thomas had to mourn the death of his wife and daughter. But his wife Claire insisted on him doing the role and finally he agreed.

“I read episode one and thought I wouldn’t do it. This is something that is just trying to capitalize on what happened to us and get me to act it out; no way; I m not doing this,”

He continued,

“But my wife Claire said: ‘Do it; read the book and do it. It s not the main part of the story. It’s not a badge of honor, defining your life – other people have had their tragedies, just as vital and strong; but all artists use themselves What else can you do?’ ”

Many viewers of the drama commented that Mark’s role Thomas showed different emotions like grief, stoicism, all while silently maintaining his heart-shattering integrity.

At the moment, Mark has his wife Claire and his stepdaughter Juliet Rylance as his family. Juliet went on to take her step-father’s name and she is currently married to actor Christian Camargo.

Most recently, Mark appeared in the Sci-Fi movie ‘The BFG’ and on ‘Dunkirk’ as well. He currently has two projects at hand, “The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara” and “Ready Player One.”

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