Lily James Won’t Let Her Fun Be Ruined By Her Fame

Lily James
Lily James

Lily James won’t let her fame ruin her fun.

Lily James, the ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ star insists she won’t let her international success get in the way of her having a good time.

She said: “You could go home early and sleep and not drink beer and not have a club sandwich when you get in at 2 in the morning … But that’s not as fun. I don’t want to look back and think, I wish I’d made more of my life and the people in it. I don’t want that to be the cost of being an actor. It’s not worth it.”

Lily James for Allure magazine

And the 29-year-old actress says she manages to get away with not being spotted too much when she’s out and about.

Meanwhile, Lily previously confessed she admits she’s a social media “hypocrite”.

Reflecting on Daisy Ridley’s choice to delete her accounts, Lily shared: “I completely and utterly relate to that. I believe it to be true, and therefore I am a hypocrite. I am on, and I have a constant inner battle about it.

“I’m not on Twitter, I don’t want to always have something to say, I want to save that for my life. Also, I think, especially as a young person, you change your opinions every second, so [you shouldn’t] put something down in concrete that’s going to come back and haunt you.

“Instagram you can use for all sorts of different reasons and that can be powerful. But I do worry about obsession and about perfection and about always presenting your life in a certain way, which is very untrue to how you go about your day. We go through all sorts of different emotions and Instagram makes it look like everything’s perfect and that’s rubbish.”