Harriet Robson thanks her supporters for supporting her against assault by Greenwood

Know the initial story from:

Mason Greenwood, released on a bail, is he really guilty?

Mason Greenwood, who was released on a bail yesterday is almost on the verge of getting himself destroyed as every one of his fans, well-wishers have turned their back against him and his immoral acts against an 18-year old accuser (victim). Though it is not proven whether he is guilty or not but the evidence is pointing to him. 18-year old Harriet, shared on her Instagram starting with:

“I’m grateful to everyone that has sent messages of support and encouragement, thank you”. She also added ” These days have been very difficult for me, so I will be taking a break from social media while the police will be working on their investigations”.

Harriet Robson
Harriet Robson [Image Source: A Real News]

Ralf Ragnick’s Views On This

Ralf Ragnick who came as a replacement for Ole Gunnar Solskjær said that Manchester United will remain as much unaffected as possible due to these incidents. He said, “We have had internal discussions, but I am pretty sure everyone will understand those internal discussions should stay internal”. Ralf Ragnnick’ss tactics and dedication towards his team is all we have known. So, Greenwood will not be involved in any of his plans.

Is he done and dusted?

As all of the evidence are against him, it seems so but few fans of him believe that it is all just an accusation and not a real thing. These “few fans” have been widely condemned. He has a very very slim chance of getting proven innocent and it also shows that he is near to being done and dusted. If all of the accusations turn right he will be facing the wrath of:

  • getting disqualified for any region’s team,
  • will get disqualified from the national team i.e. England national football team,
  • will be punished as per The Sexual Offences Act 2003,
  • will be imprisoned more than or just 10 years as per the Person Act,

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