The Rugby World Is Mourning At Matt Callander’s Death. What Happened to Matt?

No one can live forever. Everyone has to leave this world sooner or later. Now, the turn has come to Matt Callander. The Rugby world is mourning Matt Callander’s death. Let’s talk about what had happened to him.

Did Matt Callander Die His Natural Death?

Matt Callander left the world at the age of 46 because of Brain cancer. Callander had been suffering from Cancer for a long and ultimately, he has stopped breathing in this world. His family members were surrounding him when he passed away.

Matt was diagnosed with the incurable grade four Glioblastoma Multiforme two years ago. The father of four had helped raise $2 million for cancer research earlier this year through the NRL’s Beanie for Brain Cancer round.

Rugby star Matt Callander died of brain cancer
Rugby star Matt Callander died of brain cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer, the Rugby star Matt Callander experienced an awake brain surgery in the fall of 2016. After that, he came to know that his medical condition was not good at all.

Journalist Matt Callander married to Anne dies of brain cancer
Journalist Matt Callander married to Anne dies of brain cancer

Matt Callander got married to Anne. Callander’s father Kenny Callander cried for him several times. No father can tolerate such grief. His tears show his love for his son. He said, “I’ve got no more tears to cry. Now all I want to worry about are the good times.

He added,

”He had two operations, he went to Italy and Disneyland with his kids and just refused to give in. He was a good bloke and highly principled. A terrific father who loved his kids and he fought it right to end.”

Matt Callander was widely respected in the Rugby community.

We wish his departed soul rest in peace and may God give strength to his family to tolerate this grief.

stay with us to get more information about the Rugby star Matt Callander and his family.

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