Melissa George Is In Trouble When It Comes To Her Husband! Is A Fighter Because Of Kids

Everything fades away along with the time. even our feelings cant exist lifelong. People fall in love, get married and sometimes it ends with a breakup and divorce too. There are always chances of being apart. Some people feel lucky to carry their relationship on and some of them feel unfortunate when the matter meets their affair. We can’t avoid knowing about Melissa George and her struggling life.

Melissa George is a famous Australian-American actress who has been struggling for her kids for a long. She departed from her husband after getting a divorce. She has a bitter experience with the one whom she had loved out of her soul, her ex-boyfriend. Eben, then she has not given her life up. She is still fighting with firing problems in her life.

Today, Let’s have a look at Melissa George’s past and present life to get what had happened exactly to her.

Melissa George’s Past Relationships That Closed Making Her exhausted.

Melissa is famous as a former national rollerskating champion and model in Australia. She has scores of acting credits and awards in her name. Her professional life seems to be very successful whereas her personal love life is in conflict. She was the second child of four children.

She was once engaged with a film director and Chilean Furniture designer Claudio Dabed. she had met him in 1998 and got married in the year 2000. Her congeal life with him remained till 2011, eventually, they decided to be apart and their relationship ended up . Something was cooking in them so ultimately they ended their relationship after being together for 12 years.

The surprise is that Melissa is happy with her broken relationship with her then-husband Claudio. she does not feel remorse at all as if a long-standing issue was burning in their marital relationship. Melissa Expressed her feeling to Sunday Herald Sun in 2012,

“It was something that happened pretty much overnight. I kind of gave him five years’ notice on a couple of issues, and when it came up again for him, the lights just went out for me.”

Furthermore, Melissa revealed that her desire for her children was the reason behind their divorce. She clearly said that her life with Claudio was full of love but the issue burnt when it came to the desire for children and she is happy for getting this decision,

“I did have the best marriage. It was so full of love, and he’s an extraordinary man. I think I made a great choice. But, at some point, when it stops serving your needs as a woman and the things that you want for your life, it’s either get out now or wait until it’s too late. It was very hard for me, but I’m glad I did it.”

Melissa went on to date Russell Simmon in 2011, the same year she got divorced, for a few months before finding love in French entrepreneur, Jean David Blanc.

In an Interview with Torry Max, Melissa elaborated how she fell in love at the first sight with David,

“I was shooting Hunted in London and I went out to the BAFTAs and it was love at first sight, just across the room. I mean one of the most beautiful men I have ever come across in my life. We fell in love instantly, we didn’t really talk much, it was just an instant connection.”

She replied to the interviewer :

“He’s French, I mean what women doesn’t like a French man, intelligent, and back then he was very very kind!”

Melissa wanted a family with David, but, he was hesitant and applied pressure on her. Melissa expressed,

“I wanted a beautiful family and he was hesitant but ultimately he said okay, but not without a lot of rules and pressure until I got pregnant. I got given a contract by a lawyer in Paris that said; that in case of a separation, we must fight in France, if we have boys they must be circumcised, they would be raised in the Jewish religion, we would support the kids according to our revenues, and that we would reside in France or a city of our choice.”

But, Melissa didn’t sign the contract so she had to face many problems as a consequence of it. She welcomed her first baby, Raphaël in 2014 followed by her second son, Solal in 2015.

melissa george with her two sons
Melissa George with her two sons

Melissa talked about the horrid incident with tears during an interview with Troy Max,

Melissa was all bruised up after the incident!

melissa george brusies after being hit up by former boyfriend Jean David Blanc
Melissa George bruises after being hit up by former boyfriend Jean David Blanc

The uber driver Mr. Atique, who picked Melissa after the alleged attack, also told Sunday Night about her condition. He stated,

“She was crying, just crying, and saying, “I am scared, I am scared, please go… he will find me, I’m scared. She was in a lot of pain. It’s horrible, I was crying too.’

However, Mr. Blanc firmly denies the allegation!

jean david blancs statement after being alleged of violence by Melissa George
jean David blanc’s statement after being alleged of violence by Melissa George

After the case was ruled by the judge, stating it was difficult to determine; who started the fight.

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