Mike Jerrick Is Engaged Now After Overcoming From The Lost Of His First Wife!


It is very hard to survive the loss of any loved ones. The loss of the dear ones leaves behind many scars and pain that can not be easily healed. But as everyone says, time heals everything!

To move forward from the pain, one should be blessed enough to find a new ray of hope in the form of someone else. Yeah, it is true that our person of hope won’t necessarily fill the space of the lost people, but definitely, can provide us the support, care, and love we need in life.

Fox29’s Mike Jerrick, had faced the similar situation. He has lost his first wife some years ago. But now, he has found a new companion in his life, who is supporting him to move on in his life with reason. Mike is engaged to her and is all set to get married.

Here, let us spot light on his relationship with his fiance and deceased wife.

Who is Mike Jerrick’s Fiance?

Iconic Tv anchor Mike lost his first wife named Joy in 2009. Joy was also the mother of his two daughters, Jessica and Jill Jerrick. The death of his first wife and death of his mother back in 2004 led him into a depression. He was compelled to have antidepressants tablets to overcome his depression.

He also started consuming alcohol to overcome the pain and sorrow of the loss of their beloved ones.


However, his scar healed when he started dating his lady friend Shelda. Mike got engaged to her during December of 2014.

Fox29, where Mike spent notable years working, also admitted the happy news;


The couple appears to enjoy every bit of their bond since the engagement and often flaut their union on social media sites.

There are no significant details about their wedding plans. But everyone is happy that Mike has someone’s shoulders to rest his heads on!