See What Demi Lovato Writes About The Life Lessons She Got in 2018

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

It is now 5 months since Demi Lovato’s deadly drug overdose!

After Demi Lovato was hospitalized from an apparent drug overdose, she has just wrote on Instagram story about the year 2018 and to thank peoples.

Similarly, the 26 year old wrote in a plain black background in the story, “So grateful for the lessons I’ve learned this year. I will never take another day in life for granted, even the bad ones. Thankful for my fans, friends, family and everyone who supported me throughout this year. God bless.”

Demi Lovato Story
Demi Lovato’s Story

Sorry Not Sorry singer is slowly coming back to social media after her hospitalization and rehab stay. Furthermore, she has uploaded just two photos of her own after the incident.

During her rehab facility, she also once shared a photo to encourage her fans to vote for the mid-term election. She wrote, “I am so grateful to be home in time to vote! One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard!🗳 🇺🇸 now go out and #VOTE!!!!”

Additionally, The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer revealed of her soberness on Friday in December 21 via several tweets.

She firstly tweeted, “I love my fans, and hate tabloids. Don’t believe what you read. People will literally make up stuff to sell a story. Sickening.”

She then tweeted in another tweet about her progress writing, “If I feel like the world needs to know something, I will tell them MYSELF. Otherwise people stop writing about my recovery, because it’s no one’s business but mine. I am sober and grateful to be alive and taking care of ME ✌🏼.”

However, it’s still not sure about what tabloid reports made her upset. She has been a matter of tabloid reports regarding her drug overdose and recovery after her hospitalization.

Similarly, the 26 year old continued tweeting, “Someday I’ll tell the world what exactly happened, why it happened and what my life is like today.. but until I’m ready to share that with people please stop prying and making up shit that you know nothing about. I still need space and time to heal..”