Home and Away actress Sharni Vinson’s skinny Physique has no links with her dating affair with her past lover.

Love! It is something that either accomplishes something unpleasant to individuals or something wonderful and with the exception of some cases, there is no in the middle. All things considered, the excellent case here is Sharni Vinson, an on-screen character significantly known for her work in Home and Away.

Sharni Vinson
Sharni Vinson

Sharni Vinson has always been admired by her fans and followers instead of the fact that she has a skinny bod. Her skinny weight and physique have been falsely linked with her dating affair with her previous boyfriend.

Today, Let’s dig deeper about those rumors and search out if she is single or taken or ready to get married.

Sharni has always been so frank about her personal and love life to the media and the public, not like other Hollywood celeb. Sharni Vinson first met her boyfriend Kellan Lutz, who is famed for his work in the Twilight Saga Franchise as Emmett Cullen, in 2011.

Sharni Vinson with Kellan Lutz
Sharni Vinson with Kellan Lutz

The lovebirds then started meeting each other, which bloomed the news of their love affair the same year. Moreover, Vinson’s then-boyfriend, Kellan was more open towards his love relationship than Sharni as he openly talked about Sharni.  He once described why the couple connected when he said, ‘She’s a happy person, which really just clicks with me. It’s just great to have someone you can smile with all the time. It’s really special.’

But their love faded and ended n 2013 despite the immense love they shared together. Their relationship lasted only for 18 months. However, they shortly reunited in 2013 and again ended the affair the very same year.

The split led Kellan to connect with Brittny Ward but the relationship didn’t sustain more and the couple broke up.

But on the other hand,  Sharni,34,  has not yet paired up.

People assumed that her skinny body is the consequence of her being heartbroken over separating from Kellan. That’s not the point. Definitely, she may have had some sour experience, but as per Sharni, her slim physique is a natural thing for her.

Sharni Vinson on Beach
Sharni Vinson on Beach

It all appeared on focus when social media Twitter brushed over her extra slim beach body images and her fans started worrying about her health. Then Sharni responded saying,

‘I’ve always been a very naturally slim girl. If I were the way I was perceived, I would not physically be able to do what I do.’

Sharni Vinson is blessed with a skinny body while others have to peruse heart-threatening dieting.

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