Stephen Mulhern Isn’t Married And Also Does Not Have A Girlfriend! But Does That Make Him Gay?

Stephen Mulhern (Stephen Daniel Mulhern) was born in 4th April 1977 in Stratford, London who is an English presenter, entertainer, and magician and known as best presenting television programmers for ITV and he goes out with Emma Stowell Smith btw boyes.

‘Britain’s Got More Talent’ presenters and magician Stephen Mulhern is a good looking London man with several women gunning for his heart.

Early Life Of Stephen Mulhern

Stephen Mulhern is the third of four children of Irish parents, Maureen and Christopher Mulhern, who were both market traders. He has two older brothers and a younger sister. Mulhern attended St Bonaventure’s Catholic School in Forest Gate, Newham.

Not Married And Having No Partner Makes Stephen Mulhern A Gay Man?

Stephen Mulhern does not seem to be a married man and neither does he seems to be involved in a dating affair with a girlfriend. However, chances prevail that he could have someone in his life in a romantic fashion. Even though he does not speak much about it!

But again, the silence he has maintained, and the low key profile he prefers has stemmed some rumors regarding his sexuality. People often term him to be on the gay side! So, we will have to wait until the main himself speaks on the matter enlightening the fact!

Nevertheless, what we do know is that he was once in a dating relationship with actress Emma Borton. Emma is better known as the actress who played Honey Mitchell in EastEnders.

Their relationship was one, which lasted a long run before coming to an end during 2012. Neither of them gave any sort of giveaway as to what led to the downfall of their relationship, but when Stephen was asked if he has had similar kind of heartaches on various occasions, he said, “Too many times, which is why it’s better not to talk about something. I keep myself to myself out of work. Mostly I just like to chill out and be on my own.’

This possibly could mean that he has dated several women in his life; even though the relationships did not succeed. Having said that; the mystery about his sexuality is no more mystery, and it would be safe to say he indeed is a straight man.

Stephen Mulhern

Stephen, who possesses a net worth of $ 3 million, comes from a family with the background of magic? Stephen’s father, Christopher Mulhern was the one who taught him magic tricks when he was a kid! Isn’t that a cool dad?