Taylor Swift releases Red once again, is it as epic as the earlier one?

Taylor Swift, the well-known American singer re-released her album Red extending its playlists from 16 to 30. The youngest artist ever to be signed by Sony/ATV Music publishing house, the 10 Grammy Awards winner uploaded tracks of her new work “Red (Taylor’s Version)” featuring several singers like Pheobe Bridges, Gary Lightboy, Ed Sheeran, etc in her tracks. On 12 November 2021, she released all of the songs from the album. As the release date of the classical Red album’s last two-digit reversed (012 to 021), viewers are extremely happy about it.

Having most of the songs written for her break-ups, some found it to be very emotional. She began getting a lot of attention on social media after she tweeted,

. Some of the viewers after the release tweeted her back and wrote:

“OMG, she did it.”

“It was a clueless surprise to me”

“Literally ICONIC”, etc.

In addition, she also has released the short film, All Too Well.

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