Oscars Sanctioned Will for the slap, was it a career-threatening slap?

Controversy is controversy and never has it happened in history that it is glorifying or something remarkable. And this controversy about Will slapping Chris Rock on the stage of the Oscars Award was by far one of the most strange conduct anyone has ever witnessed. Those who are unknown to this can have the information from the article linked below:

Oscars’ stage gets heated after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock

Brief About the Incident

On 28 March 2022, Will Smith, a very famous actor slapped a comedian for making a joke about Will’s wife’s appearance. The whole Oscar stage was heating up and everyone was awkward. Despite slapping a comedian on the prestigious stage, he was awarded the Best Actor Award as he was to be.

The Career-threatening Ban?

Though the disciplinary and moral bases of a Stage for a program like that are known by all and are not discussed for that reason, it was different that night. It was discussed, perhaps a lot. And as a consequence, he was punished with a 10- year ban from Academy Award.

Will Smith himself stepped back and resigned from the Academy and apologized to everyone for his deeds.

Does this mean he is done and dusted?

No, he is not done and dusted, as he can play in movies and shows. But he will not be participating in any galas conducted by Oscars.

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For further information about this incident and his personal life, you can follow Will on his social media accounts which are linked below:


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