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Biography of Woojin

Woojin (Kim Woo-jin) is the former member affiliated with Stray Kids which is a South Korean multinational boy group formed by JYP Entertainment. The group consists of 8 members (now 8; before 9 membetrs) and the group officially debuted in March, 2018. As a result of his hard work, dedication and talent he has garnered immense popularity among the Korean viewers and his fans. He stated that if he was not with Stray Kids, he would be a vocal trainer or a music teacher. Furthermore, he is known for his calming voice.

Childhood, Early Life & Education

Woojin was born in Daejeon, South Korea on April 8, 1997 and has an older brother. He specializes in kendo (modern Japanese martial arts). Similarly, he can play the guitar and the piano. Likewise, he can speak Basic English. Apart from this, his family & educational background are not revealed to the public.


Before he debuted in Stray Kids, he was a former SM trainee a year before he moved to JYP. Also, he is a former Fantagio trainee. Talking about his professional career, he initially became JYP Entertainment’s formal trainee. Later on, he officially debuted as lead vocalist & eldest member of the popular K-pop boy group, Stray Kids on March 26, 2018. However, Woojin left the group on October 27th, 2019 for personal reasons and has teriminated his contract with JYP.

Moreover, he along with his band-mates has performed in different countries such as Japan & USA. Besides their own self-titled reality series, the boys from Stray Kids have also made appearances in shows like ‘The 9th’, ‘Stray Kids Amigo TV’, and ‘Stray Directors’. In 2018, Han and the rest of the group starred in the drama ‘First Day of Becoming a JYP Trainee’.

Awards & Achievements

Woojin has gained name and fame from his successful career in South Korea. He along with his group members received the New Hallyu Rookie Award at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards in 2018. They also won 33rd Golden Disc Awards  ‘Best New Artist’ as well as 4th Asia Artist Artist Awards ‘Star15 Popularity Award’ (2019) and many more. Likewise, he along with his band mates have worked for various endorsements and commercials.

In addition to this, on June 17, 2019, Stray Kids was chosen as the newest ambassador of Talk Talk Korea Contest in 2019,  and June 18, they were appointed as an honorary ambassador by the Korean Culture and Information Service, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Net Worth

His net worth is unavailable at present and is still under review.


  • Stage Name : Woojin
  • Birth Name: Kim Woo-jin
  • Nick Name: Bear & Shrek
  • Birthday : April 8, 1997
  • Born In : Daejeon, South Korea
  • Nationality : South Korean
  • Age : 22 Years
  • Sun Sign : Aries
  • Height :5’9” (174 cm)
  • Marital Status : Unmarried
  • Eye Color : Black
  • Labels : JYP Entertainment
  • Unit : Stray Kids (Since 2017- 2019)
  • Position : Main Vocalist
  • Years Active : 2018-present
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