YouTube Star Jake Paul Revealed His Break Up With Erika Costell Through Emotional Tweet

The romance between famous YouTuber Jake Paul and Erika Costell is officially over!

YouTuber Jake Paul announced his break up with his girlfriend Erika Costell on Wednesday through an emotional tweet. He dedicated the message saying ‘Dear Jake Paulers and & whomever it may it concern”

He wrote addressing his break up, “I am reluctantly writing this message & can barely hold it together as I do so, but I have been waiting for the right time to make a statement about mine & Erika’s relationship.”

Jake told that he had broken up with Erika weeks ago. He explained, “Sadly, Erika and I broke up a while ago and since then, we have been doing our best to work it out and find a solution. After many discussions and some serious soul-searching, it became apparent to us weeks ago, that we could no longer be boyfriend & girlfriend. While it was a truly heartbreaking decision, it is the healthiest thing for both of us.”

Furthermore, he added, “Erika is such a beautiful soul & she truly changed my life. She is a powerful, smart & independent woman, who has such a bright future ahead of her and has helped me become a better person on multiple levels. The times we had together are the replacement and I will be forever grateful that she was part of my life.”

Similarly, he told to his Jake Paulers, “I ask that you please respect our privacy. We’re both at different points in our lives & having a relationship in the public eye is so hard. But this is our decision & I ask that you please support both of us through this tough time.”

The news of their split just came after Shane Dawson did an in-depth look into the life of Jake Paul.