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James Charles is an American Internet personality, beauty YouTuber and make-up artist. In 2016, he became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl.

Personal life

Charles is from Bethlehem, New York, and graduated from Bethlehem Central High School in June 2017. He is openly gay. Since 2019, his net worth is estimated to be US$12 million (£9 million).


Charles is most known for his YouTube channel focusing on makeup, which he launched on December 1, 2015. At its highest point (May 6, 2019) his channel had 16.6 million subscribers. It currently has 16.3 million. His channel also has over 1.8 billion views on YouTube. He currently has 246 videos on his Youtube channel. On May 11, 2019, he became the first ever YouTube personality to lose over 1 million subscribers in 24 hours. At the 8th Streamy Awards he won the award for best channel in the Beauty category. Likewise, on October 11, 2016, at the age of seventeen, Charles became the first male spokesmodel for cosmetics brand CoverGirl, working alongside brand ambassador Katy Perry. Since 2017, Charles walked the runway for MarcoMarco’s Six 1/2 collection during Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Since 2018, Charles collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics to release an eyeshadow palette. In January 2019, he was invited to Birmingham, England, to open the company’s second UK store, where over 7,000 fans showed up to see him, causing parts of the city centre to come to a standstill. Moreover, in March 2019, Charles did the makeup for Iggy Azalea’s music video shoot for “Sally Walker”. He also made a cameo appearance in the video.


Ebola joke

In February 2017, when Charles was 17,he was criticized after tweeting a joke considered offensive about Africa and Ebola. He later issued an apology saying: “I am extremely sorry for what I said. There are no excuses. No one owes me forgiveness, but I’ve learned a lot from the experience. I hope that the people who might look up to me will be able to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them.”

Origin story

In March 2017, YouTube make-up artist Thomas Halbert posted screenshots of previous conversations with Charles where Charles admitted his story regarding his rise in notability was falsified. Charles originally claimed he had his high school prom photographs retaken with a ring light, however the conversation revealed that he had actually edited the photographs.


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  • Full name: James Charles Dickinson
  • Date of Birth: May 23, 1999
  • Age: 20
  • Birth Place: Albany County, New York, U.S.
  • Height: 1.75 m
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: YouTuber, makeup, artist, Internet celebrity
  • Years active: 2014–present
  • Net worth: US$12 million
  • Youtube Channel: James Charles
  • Genre: Vlog, makeup, Beauty
  • Subscribers: 4 million
  • Total views: 8 billion
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