Prakash Saput

Prakash Saput
Prakash Saput

Who is Prakash Saput?

Prakash Saput is a popular Nepali singer, songwriter, and composer. He was born on September 14, 1990, in Nepal. He is known for his contribution towards Nepali folk music. Prakash Saput gives social and political awareness through his music videos to Nepalese audience. He is the most popular and considered as a famous singer of Nepal.

His debuts his first song in 2011. His Songs make him into the spotlight and established him as a rising star in the contemporary Nepali music scene. Prakash Saput gained fame and recognition in the Nepali music industry of his folk music. His subsequent tracks have garnered attention and appreciation from fans across Nepal.

Prakash Saput: Height, Weight

His height is around 5 feet 7 inch and his weight is around 60kg.

Prakash Saput: Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Education

Prakash Saput is a Nepalese Singer who was born on September 14, 1990, which makes him 33 years old as of 2023. Prakash Saput belongs to a Dalit family.

Regarding his education, details are also not widely available, but it is known that Saput had a keen interest in Singing and Dancing from a young age and pursued a career as a singer.

Prakash Saput: Professional Life, Career

He has over 2.2 million subscriber in his YouTube channel. Prakash Saput gained fame and recognition in the Nepali music industry of his songBola Maya in 2018, ”Galbandi” in 2019,Phuteka Chura in 2021, ”Mero Pani Haina Ra Yo Desh” in 2021, ”𝗣𝗜𝗥” in 2022, ‘‘Kura Bujhna Parcha” in 2022 and Sakambari [ Phoolmaya ] in 2023 has a theme of the reality of Nepalese society. His every song became a massive hit and garnered widespread popularity among the Nepali audience. His Every song resonated with people due to its catchy tune, relatable lyrics, and energetic performance by Prakash Saput. Due to his song, he has wide audience and established Prakash Saput as a notable name in the contemporary Nepali music scene.

Prakash Saput’s music has contributed to the contemporary Nepali music scene. His songs often have relatable lyrics that touch the hearts of Nepalese audience.

Prakash Saput has been actively performing at various concerts, events, and music festivals, showcasing his dynamic stage presence and entertaining audiences with his vibrant performances. His live performances have further contributed to his growing popularity and fan base.

Prakash Saput: Net Worth, Salary

Prakash Saput, the Nepalese singer and famous singer of Nepal, had an estimated net worth of around $1 million USD. This figure includes his income from his singing career.

Prakash Saput is one of the highest-paid singers of Nepal, However, his salary is not disclosed yet.

Prakash Saput: Rumors, Controversy

Recently, he released a song called ‘Pir’ which portrays the disappointment of former Maoist fighters while depicting the real story of society. The song has been widely popular in Nepal. However, there was some controversy regarding a scene in the video. Prakash Saput removed the scene and reupload videos on YouTube.

What is the Relationship of Prakash Saput?

His wife’s name is Bindu Bohora. Singer Prakash Saput and his wife Bindu have 2 children.

Prakash Saput: Social media

Prakash Saput is an active user of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. He uses these platforms to connect with his fans, share his experiences as a Singer, and promote folk song in Nepal.

Saput’s Twitter handle is @PrakashSaput, and he has over 7k followers on this platform. He regularly tweets about his Singing experiences, updates about the upcoming music videos.

On Instagram, Saput can be found at @prakashsaput. He has over 46.5k followers on this platform, and he shares photos and videos of his Singing journey, personal life, and travels.

Prakash Saput’s active presence on social media has helped him connect with his fans and supporters and has also helped raise awareness through his songs in Nepal.

Facts of Prakash Saput

  • His Every song became a sensation in Nepal and helped him establish a name in the Nepali music industry.
  • He raises public awareness in Nepal through his song.
  • Prakash Saput’s music is known for its blend of folk, pop, and contemporary Nepali influences.
  • Prakash Saput is also known for his energetic and vibrant stage presence.
  • Prakash Saput’s music has contributed to the contemporary Nepali music scene. His songs often have relatable lyrics that touch the hearts of listeners.
  • Prakash Saput is considered an emerging artist in the Nepali music industry. His talent and potential have drawn attention and he continue to make a mark with his musical contributions.